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Welcome to the online home of artwork by Jeremy Lutes.  That's me.  For work that is currently available, please have a look at the gallery, and for an incomplete overview of past work, check out the portfolio.  I hope you enjoy my work !


Aloha !
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Greetings from the tropics ! As of Nov. 1st 2010, I am now living in Hawai'i. It will be some months before I have a studio put together, so until that time I will not be producing any new artwork. Hopefully around the middle of 2011, I will have a lovely new workspace set up, and will be letting the creative fires burn full force.

Throughout this process of relocating, I've been thinking a lot about transitioning away from tech-centric art and towards something more sustainable. I am increasingly concerned about humanity's impact upon the planet, and have been feeling the need to produce art using more traditional materials such as wood and stone. I have no idea where this may lead me, but am excited to begin the process of discovery. Stay tuned - I hope it will be both interesting and beautiful. Mahalo !Anthurium