Growing up in a semi-rural area of Montana, Jeremy Lutes developed a deep appreciation for nature and an intense wonder about natural processes. These formative experiences led him to the beautiful forests and beaches of Santa Cruz where he studied geology at the University of California and immersed himself in many musical and theatrical endeavors. After college he worked for a small industrial electronics firm, where he exercised his skill in programming and circuit design.

In 1996, Lutes attended the Burning Man festival and found his creative flame turned up to 'high'. Even his lifelong passion for music would suffer as he subsequently poured himself into the newly discovered possibilities of visual art.

Realizing that exploring the creative realm was more fulfilling than earning a steady paycheck, Lutes made a sharp left turn in 2001 when he devoted himself full-time to art. His artwork exquisitely combines an enduring fascination with light and color, an appreciation of nature, and electronic wizardry. He continues to follow an artistic muse and has never looked back.


"I am drawn to light in motion, to simplicity of form and function, and to the usually graceful, sometimes chaotic processes of the natural world. How are clouds shaped ? Why do ripples on a pond's surface move the way they do ? What determines the shape of a bolt of lightning ? The work I create is an attempt to evoke in others similar feelings of wonder and awe."